Transdisciplinary Soundscape Research at the University of Sussex

Learning to listen to soundscape

Soundscape refers to all the sounds in a given landscape -- sounds produced and shaped by the activites of living beings and processes, weather and the landscape itself. By learning to listen to soundscapes in new ways we hope to gain fresh insights and understandings of the activities and interactions of all actors in our environments.

Based across schools at the University of Sussex, we work at the intersections of music, conservation biology, computer science & engineering, social sciences and ethnography. Our projects focus on the development, evaluation and application of new soundscape research methods, technologies and theories, which often cross traditional disciplinary and species boundaries.

Our applied and experimental work asks questions such as: - Can rapid acoustic assessments provide a proxy for biodiversity? - Can latent component analysis give insight into the composition of soundscapes? - How can these tools be used to empower grass roots conservation efforts? - How do non-western people & societies perceive and value components of the soundscape? How can ecoacoustics be applied in conservation contexts for the mutual well being of people and planet?

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