Transdisciplinary Soundscape Research at the University of Sussex

The art, science and technology of listening to ecosystems

The acoustic environment, or Soundscape emerges through the activites of biological, anthropogenic and geophysical processes. By learning to listen to soundscapes in new ways we hope to gain fresh insights and understandings of the activities and interactions of all actors in our environments.

Operating within the emerging science of ecoacoustics, our projects focus on the development, evaluation and application of new soundscape research methods, technologies and theories to better understand the ecological role of sound, the potential to monitor ecological status through machine listening, and the power of listening to (re)connect us with the natural world. Based across schools at the University of Sussex, we integrate methods and concepts from music, conservation biology, informatics, engineering, neuroscience, social sciences and ethnography to advance our understanding and appreciation of natural soundscapes.

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